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                        Around the world in 80 girls – The Movie?  

Read here about Neil’s Hollywood adventure where he signed a movie deal.

You’ve heard it all before, haven’t you? Guy goes backpacking around the world, comes back with tall tales about how often he got laid?   No setbacks, just one success story after another. Girls throwing themselves at his feet as soon as he walked in the door. And you just knew he was a liar, boasting to make himself seem a big man. And you thought it was a pity, because it was a great story and you wished you had actually lived what he was lying about.

Well, no more. Here is the unvarnished truth from someone who doesn’t just tell those stories without sugarcoating, but actually lived them. And better yet, teaches you how you can live them

For nearly three years without a break, Neil Skywalker traveled around the world, setting foot in over forty countries and slipping into the minds, hearts and beds of countless beautiful women who crossed his path. His travels took him from unknown cities in Russia’s Far East to the sunny beaches of Brazil as he went from being a regular shy guy from Holland to a womanizing heartbreaker ravishing his way across the globe.

From a beauty contestant begging him to stay with her to the death stares of thwarted girls and envious guys, from having an AK-47 pressed into his back at the Kazakhstan border to nearly getting stabbed by a local girl in Malaysia, from a heartbreaking romance in Russia to Cambodian prostitutes fist-fighting to stay with him – for FREE – Skywalker’s path leads us on byways few men have ever travelled. From rice three times a day in the Philippines to saucy steaks (and girls) in Argentina. From sleeping in the streets to living the life in 5–star hotels for free. From Mount Fuji in Japan to Mount Doom in New Zealand. From cups A through F and from teenagers to MILFs.

He approached girls with little more than a few dollars in his pockets and a couple of words of the local language and …….succeeded.

Around the World in 80 Girls is a unique travel story. It tells it all – the sightseeing and the love and drama, how Neil got over his approach anxiety and became a legend in his own time, the backpacking and the horrible conditions he lived through, the cultural differences he encountered, the emotional roller-coastering, the building of lifelong friendships and rather shorter romances, the Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll – and of course the lying and cheating, the breaking of hearts (including his own) and the seduction of dozens of girls from dozens of countries.

With hundreds of anecdotes of the kind you just won’t find in any other travel book, not to mention blunt assessments that will leave you with no excuse for naiveté if you choose to follow his path, Around the World in 80 Girls is the essential book for anyone hoping to survive as a poor backpacker on the lookout for erotic adventures. Neil Skywalker offers you his story and the chance to learn from him. You may know how to get a girl back home – but only with Skywalker’s help can you hope to get any out in the wild world.

500 pages including over 50 pages of tips and tricks on how to pick up girls abroad
The other backpacker’s “bible”

A few examples of advice in the bonus pages.

  • How to get strong inner game and to Man up.
  • How to conquer approach anxiety in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language.
  • How to approach in clubs abroad and deal with rejection.
  • How to keep motivated to go out even though the odds are against you.
  • How to flirt and tease in a strange culture.
  • How to go from talking to escalating towards a steamy night. 
  • How to travel and date cheap. 
  • How to simply conquer the language barrier.
  • The “Look at this move” and the “Spin Move”- Two simple things that will make you stand out from 99% of guys.


50 pages of highly effective dating and conversational techniques that will give you quick results even if you’re not on a real date.

If this book doesn’t result into hot steamy nights with exotic babes, nothing will !!

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A unique book on life on the road

Still not convinced? Here are some Amazon reviews from verified purchases:

Excellent travel and dating book (UK review)
This is the story of one man’s epic adventure around the world. He goes to all sorts of places from Russia to Asia to South America. At the same time as gaining so much cultural knowledge, he also manages time to sort out his love life. Everywhere he goes, he adapts his cultural knowledge to enable him to meet local women. There are loads of amusing anecdotes in the book. However, the main part of it is to learn how to be a pick-up artist. Here the author gives culturally adapted ways to date women of many different nationalities and races. If you’re like me, and interested in improving your relationships with women, as well as enjoy travelling round the world (and want to meet women everywhere), then you will love this book. It thoroughly deserves its 5 stars, for the tips alone, which can even be used in your home town. Tip – get the Kindle version so you can read it on your phone (using the app) when out and about.

Jules Verne move over. (Canadian review)
Neil tells a coming of age story with no Holes barred….literally. I hammered thru this terrific adventure in one evening.You cant put it down as Neil recounts his bedhopping panty removing journey with an expansive style that makes you feel like you were watching from the closet. Definitely a must read and grow some balls and buy yourself an airline ticket.

 Not your typical travel book
Why not typical? Well, besides the usual (and interesting) descriptions, sightseeing and adventures, Neil is largely interested in picking up girls – hence the title of the book, of course.
Besides that obviously fascinating goal, there are tons of budget travel advice, you get to meet a very eclectic (but ostensibly real) cast of characters, get recommendations and warnings about different travel destinations – including, as can be expected – pick up bars.

Although the book is quite long, it is a pretty good read.

Great balance of legitimate travel information as well as steamy encounters
Just finished reading Around the World in 80 Girls. I must say I was first impressed with the amount of information Neil gave about the different countries. I found that while reading a book based upon subjects I truly love such as sleeping and interacting with more women, I actually retained much more of the other information such as the prisons in French Guyana.Which are the kind of things I find most difficult to remember when reading most history books. Anyways, I am currently on deployment with the US Navy. I thoroughly enjoyed your book and it helped pass the time while floating around out here. If any of you are looking for a story that will inspire you to travel to far off places, or to place yourself in situations that will stretch your inner most character, I hightly recommend this book. Neil, if you ever find yourself in the U.S. again, specifically in San Diego or Los Angeles, you have a free place to stay. Cheers.

Fascinating read (UK review)
A thoroughly interesting read of a backpackers adventures, his highs and lows and his relentless pursuit of girls. He manages to include some interesting local facts and history in between the mischief. Towards the end of the book there is some solid game advice which is a very nice touch, useful stuff indeed.

Hope the script gets picked up Neil!

Stick to what you know… (UK review)
I enjoyed this book, some of the stories were funny, the characters were interesting and it has influenced me to go on my own second trip round the world.

However it could have been cut shorter by removing some aspects of the book, the small nuggets of historical information disjointed the story.

No Pulled Punches – Everything you Really Want to Know
I heard about this book on a random blog about travel in the Philippines. After reading the comments here and on that blog I purchased the epub/pdf version. I was not disappointed.

About me: I consider myself fairly well read, enjoying all types of genres ranging from sc-fi,westerns,political,historical,fiction,non-fiction,crime,mystery,classics,etc.
Authors including: Twain,L’Amour,Cussler,Grisham,Tolkien,Sheldon,King,Agatha Christie,Douglas Adams,Bernard Cornwell,Tony Hillerman and many more.

Around The World In 80 Girls is a very refreshing book written in a straightforward manner with the author pulling no punches or exaggeration. Like others here, I found it difficult to put down it was that interesting. I would recommend to anyone who likes a good book on adventure and travel, it offers insight into the male mind and life on the road. Don’t be turned off by the title, yes he does spend a lot of time picking up girls. However it is very humorous and told in a way that most guys will never admit to knowing/doing. This book is not forced, it flows smoothly and if you ever wanted to know what a real trip around the world is like this is a must read.
For the people complaining about the subject matter, it is pretty clear what the topic is. If you want a nice PG book then don’t read, stick to something boring. He may have started with some money, but he sold just about everything in order to save for this trip and was extremely frugal.

The descriptions of the countries are vivid and detailed, from the dusty 20 hour bus rides with the smell of puke to the sunburns and warm beaches. It feels like you are transported to these location and are actually submerged for a few minutes. I think that the writing style is what makes it more realistic, you know that this is a real guy who isn’t trying to impress anyone with over descriptions or telling us what we want to hear.
Thanks to Neil and this book I am excited to travel more than ever. (Although I’ve been through most of western Canada, Alaska, Western States, Nicaragua) I can’t wait to someday travel to Russia, South America and the Philippines.

I hope he continues to travel…and write.

This Skywalker has the force
Written in a funny and straightforward way, this exciting book about a globetrotting ladies man is the most honest travel diary I have read. One day Neil packs up his belongings and sets out to do what most men only dream of; seeing the world, gaming girls and it is great.There are charming spelling mistakes, but as a testament to courage and embracing life, Around the World in 80 girls, is from the heart and will be tough to beat.

Blunt, insightful, and an honest perspective to the world of game and travel
This book is a very easy read. Traveling through 40 plus countries, Neil narrates his adventures, sexcapades, and experiences as he roughs it out into the world. This book isn’t just about picking up women, but I do enjoy his take on it. It’s really more of a travel book – one that’s discerningly descriptive and profound. Definitely buy this book if you’re planning to travel or just want to pick up women. That’s what I did and I have no regrets whatsoever.

I found this book inspirational and well-written. It’s the story of Neil Skywalker, who decides that he is tired of his day to day life so he ventures out to travel to as many countries as he can. The book details all his adventures and the girls he meets along the way. We also see how Neil develops his game from day 1. He goes from a guy who admits he doesn’t really know what he is doing with women, to someone experienced.
In addition to the stories being entertaining and funny, there’s a lot of knowledge to be gained for future backpackers and world travelers. He talks about the cool places to visit when in a country, and even details some of the scams that people tried to pull on him. Of course there’s a lot of advice on how to get with the ladies.

I’d highly recommend purchasing this book to backpackers and others wanting to take trips abroad. Even if you’re not planning an epic trip like Neil’s the stories will inspire you and give you a good laugh!

Worthwhile read for Backpackers  (Review from Amazon Germany)
I run into Neil’s blog in a Hostel in Rio and bought it as a eBook. As I have traveled many of the places myself and I m currently travelling South America for a year, i finished the book within a week. While reading I realize this is really not some fiction. Particularly interesting where his travels in Asia. For South America I was not so impressed but some of his actions about how to get to know girls, I using now as well. If you are interested in Backpacking and how to get to know the local girls its defiantly a must read.

Very interesting book
Without question, Around the world in 80 girls is one of the most interesting books I have ever read. Many of us live our lives bound to the chains of modern society and material possessions. We live our lives dreaming and wishing for things instead of acting on them. Neil sets out to into the world to not only explore its beautiful places but also to get rid of some of the characteristics he despises so much. Although not planned when he left, he struggles himself into a worldly womanizer.

Some might say he went way overboard with it but if you think this lifestyle is easy, think again.
It’s no Hemingway but otherwise a very entertaining book with a unique insight in a somewhat disturbed mind. The term Peter Pan syndrome came to mind several times when reading this book.

Unexpectedly brilliant (UK review)
Stumbled across this book browsing travelling guides and thought I’d give it a chance as it looked different and entertaining. Although it wasn’t clear from the description this book is kind of a travel guide, pick-up guide and something of an autobiography all rolled into one. Although there is lots of advice on travelling on a budget and picking up girls abroad, the best thing about the book is the amazing stories of the scrapes this insane Dutchman gets himself into. Some of them you could barely believe, but actually given the strange and wonderful places he was travelling through it mainly seems pretty plausible. It’s interesting to see how the guy went from being a pretty timid everyday kind of guy to fearless (or mad) adventurer by the end of his trip, and his bravery gets rewarded with some amazing experiences, and by the looks of the photos some great lays. English clearly isn’t this guy’s native tongue so it’s no Shakespearean epic but the language is easy to understand and actually probably makes the reading more enjoyable. Even if you’re not planning a year long world trip or planning on sleeping with 100 odd girls in the near future this book makes for a hilarious read and might actually inspire you to try something similar! Normally I would say don’t judge a book by it’s cover but this one it pretty much does what it says on the tin except you would never guess how funny it is, well worth £7 as I will probably re-read it and already have shown it to a lot of mates.

Well Done
Reading this book and I am thinking if I can get away from my current life and do what Neil did. Much Respect for you Sir. For a person thinking about travelling the globe, this book has be the best motivation material present. I mean Russia/FSU then SEA and the Americas.
Thing that impresses me about this book is like a friend telling me his travelling stories, so simple and entertaining. I hope author writes some more books.

Inspiring story
I enjoyed this book a lot….full of funny stories about meeting girls and travelling the world. This book will inspire a lot of people to follow their dreams and take action when necessary.

A must read for all male travellers!!
This book is what travelling is all about as a male!!…Adventure, fun, crazy experiences, amazing scenery and most importantly meeting many many women!!!..Neil gives an honest and real experience of what traveling/backpacking can really be like for long periods of time, when you are on a tight budget and what you go through when your main goal is to capture flags!!…Having travelled alot myself you can definetley relate to the lows (crazy bus rides, crappy accomodation,getting sick, language barriers,money issues, personal safety etc) to the very highs (meeting new people,cheap alcohol, new countries, great food, and of course NEW FLAGS!!) that Neil goes through.It is a great read and you cant wait to turn each page to see what happens next!!!

He also gives great advice/tips on how to capture these flags and travelling in general!!

If your thinking about taking a trip,read this book first and then start packing!

Great read
The book is a great read. Neil Skywalker is for the most part a likable character. There are many moments where he comes off as a complete douche but on the overall he come across as a guy who is confused about whether or not he wants to find love or have tons of sex with many women. One thing that sets this book apart from others in the genre is that he shares his failures and success. The author also goes into detail about why he thinks he was successful and why he thinks he failed. I liked the detail and because of the details I believed the stories that were told in the book.
The 50 pages in the end with advice make the purchase worthwhile because everything was field tested by him and as you read through it you will recall situations where he actually used his tips.

Love the book
I followed this guys blog for awhile and when he stopped posting and decided to turn it into a book, I had to get it. I literally read 50% of the book the day I got it. It was such a page turner that I didn’t want to put it down. As I was reading it I kept thinking, ‘Man this guy doesn’t give a crap..’ and I just loved that attitude he had. Besides the great stories another reason I wanted to read the book was to get an idea of what countries I would like to visit one day based on Neil’s experiences. And all I can say is that I now have some great ideas.
Thanks again for the epic journey Neil.

Amazing Adventure
I read this book in less than three days because it is quite a page turner, each chapter is packed with crazy stories about Neil’s amazing trip. I could relate a lot to his writings because he is interested in the same kind of travelling and party scene that I am into, although I’m not too sure I could ever travel to some of the places he went, or how well I’d cope with some of the several stressful situations he found himself in.
Neil is definitely an adventure traveler and was very dedicated in his desire to cover many different parts of the globe, I would have given up much earlier and either went home or just stayed in one of the many really cool places that he visited (such as the Philippines or Brazil). Despite the difficult times he ran into, Neil kept on trucking and continued his journey and of course he also had some very good times, which are all highlighted in this great book. If you’re into adventure travel and like the hard partying hostel scene, you’ll enjoy this book. If you’ve never traveled but like the idea of escaping it all to travel to exotic places, you’ll enjoy this book and especially, if you like to party hard and meet women in foreign countries (like me), you’ll definitely enjoy this book!

Excellent book Neil, can’t wait to hear about your next adventure!

Backpacking Casanova on the loose
I’ve known about Neil’s adventures for some time. I first heard about him on some internet forums, became addicted to his blog, and looked forward to the day he released a comprehensive guide on his travels.
Nearly all men, at some point or another, fantasize about just taking a trip and leaving the rigors of everyday life behind. Unfortunately only few live out their desires. Neil basically lives out the fantasy here as he globe-trots from continent to continent. Neil is indeed very good at seducing women, and he does well in instructing men how to better themselves in this respect, but Neil is also an excellent traveler. He gives good data on the places he visits and prepares the reader effectively in all of the problems they may deal with on the road.

Great read
I bought this book and read it in a week. It is a very funny and enjoyable reading, which will appeal to any guy who wants to travel
After reading boring books on how to travel and meet girls, which I wouldn’t recommend to no one, I found this particular book to be funny, witty and full of stories that will make you laugh hard (specially in the Asian chapter) and be amazed on how different things are in other sides of the world.
Also it can be a book to recommend to your daughter if she’s going to travel abroad, so she doesn’t fell with the “casanova advises” which are written on the book.
Great read, fully recommendable. Will provide lots of fun.

Will bring out your adventurous side
The one and only bad thing I can say about this book is that it could contribute to sleepless nights. Laying awake at night reading it would raise my testosterone and keep me awake until morning. His account of his travels throughout the world and all the girls he slept with kept me interested through this entire book (Which is quite long). The favorite thing for me about his writing is that it is completely believable. I have read other travel books which seem half fiction, but not this one. You will read about the ups and the downs, with no hollywood style writing.

This book actually motivated me to travel to Asia, and will make you want to live your life more and see the world. Best book I have read in a while.

Pleasantly surprised
Right up front the author lets you know that if you’re looking for a standard travel book, that these “aren’t the words you’re looking for,” so to speak.
What follows is a meandering tale of a man who is attempting to find a better understanding of who he is through overcoming both the rigors of travel and also overcoming his own self doubt in approaching women who- as if it weren’t difficult enough to brazenly approach someone at a club- often don’t speak the same language. The author doesn’t pull any punches, and openly describes the ups and downs of “playing the game” across multiple continents.
Inadvertently, I ended up reading the book in its entirety over the span of just a few days, between working two jobs. The tips throughout (and in a large “tips” section at the end) are actually pretty reasonable, as opposed to some other “pick-up artist” methods which are more sleazy. The tone of this book, on the other hand, is to just be as charming as possible, and to really be a man. To not second guess yourself.
To be honest, after having finished the book, I went to a party and actually had the confidence to go and talk to people. I didn’t stand on the outskirts of the room (even though I didn’t know anyone) and had a better time because of it. Even got a few phone numbers.

So, overall, I would absolutely recommend this book. Even if you don’t plan on traveling the world. It’s a down to earth portrayal of the struggles we all face when we dare to risk everything to do something extraordinary. Even if “something extraordinary” in this case is sleeping around all over the world.

Sex,Drugs and Around the world travel
I loved the book! I’d have to say it is a great book if you like the roughing it kind of travel of long overland buses and trains. Neil is mainly a backpacker and inexpensive hotel traveler. Unlike most backpackers who tend to be nerds, Neil isn’t afraid to go anywhere, try anything, and date girls: both other travelers and engage in the delights of the locals.

Neil is not shy and meets a colorful cast of characters along the way. What I like best about the book is that I can really relate to the book, because I have been to a many of the same countries Neil traveled to and my experiences were very similar. When he describes Russian or SE Asian girls, I know he’s been out with them. Some of the girls in SE Asia, I’d swear I dated the same girls, because I would have never believed there were two girls out there so crazy. The guy is brave and crazy himself and lucky he didn’t get killed from one of those wild jealous girls.
Neil just tells it like it is, all “warts” and all, no “sugar coating”. I loved the story of the “hell” bus trip in Indonesia and I loved the story about banging the fat Belgian girl in Malaysia. Other guys would have said they banged a 10, but the truth, is always funnier and the only way to write a good book.

Overall, I’d give the book 5 of 5 stars. Great job Neil.

Awesome!! (UK review)
I loved this book! It’s a story about a guy who basically travels the world sleeping with lots of women,what’s not to love?! And the great thing is that he explains how everyone can do it. I’m currently in Brazil backpacking and I used his ‘shark’ technique for kissing girls in the sea. It worked!!!! Thanks Neil!
I found the writing was really good and the story flowed well. I did notice a couple of spelling mistakes but nothing major and it did not detract from the enjoyment of the book.

A well deserved five stars. I hope he writes more books!

Inspired me to travel abroad!
Great book, I was staying up far too late at night because I couldnt put the book down! When you start reading, it immediately becomes apparent how much effort Neil Skywalker put into the details. While reading this book I felt like I was following him all around the world!

If you like travel, this is the book for you.
If your anyone interested in witnessing someone grow from a just your average guy to a Wordly Man, this book is for you.
If you like to read books that give you a new perspective on life, this is the book for you.

Its very long (which is a GOOD thing), as he takes us all around the world with him. The amount of detail from his stories really brought it home for me. Because of reading this book and all the experiences he shares, I am now planning a trip to Thailand!
I’ve suggested this book to my friends and they also love it. When reading it, you will REALLY catch the travel bug! He opened my eyes to South East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Phillipines, Malaysia, ect.) and thats a place I never in a million years planned on visiting.

His story telling goes into enough detail that when I travel I will try and follow the same pattern he did. By referencing his book, I’ll know all the cool guest houses and hidden sights off the beaten path that Neil found and shared with us! I’ll also be somewhat ready for the local women, as Neil also goes into great detail there 🙂
And just because I had a personal preference for the SouthEast Asian chapters, I dont want to make it sound like thats all the book has to offer. He also goes into great detail about other countries. In this book I heard all about Russia, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, Brazil and the rest of South America, Central America, and right up through the United States and New York City.

Great read and I’m hoping he saves up enough money to get back out there and write us another book!


The Backpacker’s Guide to Getting Laid