Hanoi – Vietnam (2009)

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EDIT – FEBRUARY 2013 – I decided to put back a few of my older unedited stories which didn’t make into the book or only a very small part of it, so yes, they can be a bit boring. If you want to read the exciting and adventurous stuff I suggest you buy my book. The book is packed with some of the most outrageous travel stories you’ll ever read.  

Hanoi – Vietnam (2009)

I spent about a week in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. I didn’t do so much there because as usual I ate some bad food and sat on the toilet more than doing other stuff. Hanoi has some backpacker hostels but I found a room with bathroom for about 12 dollars. I wasn’t much but at least the wifi worked. The city has a few attractions but most visitors stay one night and go to Ha Long Bay from there. One day I went to a large indoor market to try and find some souvenirs. It was clear that not many tourists visited that place because I got lots of stares and people waving at me. Too bad that most people here only spoke a few words of English because there were some cute girls around. It was hard to find something I liked. The clothing was too small. I’m not a giant guy but I’m tall so most clothes don’t fit me. Vietnamese people are very quite short and skinny.  Although the ones in Vietnam. I met quite a few outside of Vietnam and they know how to pack on the pounds.

A rickshaw driver took me allover town and dropped me off at a few museums. The traffic is insane in Hanoi, thousands and thousands of motorbikes and people on the streets from dusk to dawn. I visited an old fortress tower from French colonial times and the next door military museum. The museum was quite interesting and had lots of exhibits. There were a few pieces of artillery and airplanes outside. I’m kind of a fan of military stuff and history so I visit museums and battle fields all over the world. I still have the dream of visiting Volgograd in Russia, formerly known as Stalingrad and site of a massive battlefield and turning point in the Second World War. It is the fiercest battle ever fought in history. It was from here on that the Germans would lose the war. If it wasn’t for the Russians we’d all be speaking German in Europe today.

I got the email address of a Russian girl from another Russian girl I met in Vladivostok. We exchanged phone numbers and met up for dinner at some Vietnamese restaurant. Polina was a nice looking girl but nothing special, I would rate her at a 6. We met at a square close to my hotel in the tourist area. She was late of course as most girls always are. She had a motorbike and I hopped on, grabbed her around her waist and we drove of. She had a skinny waist, so far so good.  We talked for a while in a restaurant and I had a noodle dinner which my stomach didn’t mind (for the moment). We said goodbye and agreed to meet each other for a night out.

I believe it was the next night when  I met up with Polina and three of her Russian girlfriends who were all studying in Hanoi for some reason which is still not clear to me.  None of the girls was particularly hot but all were bangable and we went to a club on a boat. I walked in with four (white) girls on my arm and heads turned. Some girls walked up to me after a while and started asking why I was there with so many girls. Then I took two of the blond Russian girls, went to a hotel and fucked their brains out……

I wish I could tell a story like that but the night didn’t go like this at all. After some dancing it was clear to me that the cutest of Russian girls didn’t like me in that way. I decided to aim my love arrow at the other three.  Surely one would bite.  It didn’t go anywhere, a Vietnamese ex boyfriend of Polina  showed up and did a bit of (passive) cockblocking. Although it was an ex boyfriend, the vodka must have had her juices flowing because she was all over him. The other two girls showed little romantic interest. I was still a pick up newbie who never heard of famous pick up artists and “game”. I still had a lot to learn.  Our group changed venues and we ended up in another club. We met some other tourists and they tagged along. I think one of the girls liked one of the drunken guys and started dancing with him. I don’t remember the whole night due to a lot of vodka but one thing I know for sure. I went home alone and feeling miserable. I know I can’t win them all but I had already had 3 Russian girls before.  What I should have done was build some attraction and see if one of them as interested, if not use them as pawns to pick up other (Vietnamese) girls. I already had massive pre-selection build up in the room by showing up with four girls.

The next day Polina texted me to go out again but my stomach was fucked up from the boozing the night before and I turned her down after initially saying yes first. This must have pissed her of because I didn’t hear from her again. I was too stupid to take any pictures before so I have none to show you guys.

A few days later I had to hurry to the airport. I was too cheap to take a 10 dollar taxi and decided to take the bus. I took a motor taxi to the bus stop and nearly fell of the bike because I had my 20 kg backpack on. After waiting an eternity the bus came and took me to the airport. The bus ride took nearly one and half hour and I was nervous as fuck because this was one flight I couldn’t miss.  We arrived at the airport and I had only 30 minutes left before the plane took of and checked in quickly and with some hassle..

I flew to Bangkok, Thailand to see my Russian girl again for a 3 week holiday together.

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