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Here’s an update from the world’s most irregular blogger. I had some trouble with a website plugin which prevented me from logging in so it’s really been a while.

I receive a lot of emails from people asking me what I’ve been up since I went home after my round the world trip. Well, after writing and publishing my book AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 GIRLS – THE EPIC THREE YEAR TRIP OF A BACKPACKING CASANOVA, I felt it was time to try to fulfill my lifelong dream of being in the movie biz. I decided to write a screenplay. All I needed was a great story. Well, that I have.

Around November last year I started reading books about screenwriting and in December I put my first words to the paper. I finished the first draft on the 21th of February 2013. The last day of writing I banged out fifteen pages in a coffee fueled writing frenzy while suppressing the urge to beat up my noisy upstairs neighbor. Although I finally figured out the screenplay formatting rules, it still wasn’t much to look at, and any experienced screenwriter would cringe reading it but at least the first draft was ready. To be honest, any English reader would probably cringe since English is not my native language. Now the dreaded re-writing began, and a month later I finished a better second draft. It was time to take the next step. I booked tickets to New York and Los Angeles/Hollywood. The next three months I kept rewriting and fine-tuning the screenplay.

In the last days before I left I sublet my ultra small studio in my hometown back in Holland, said goodbye to my family and friends, kissed a sweet girl goodbye and flew to New York. Only problem was that the script still wasn’t finished. It needed a hell of a lot more rewriting.

Before arriving in New York I had an eleven hour layover in Iceland. The airport was nearly abandoned and I used the sleepless night to write some more. I kept going in the hostel where I stayed in Brooklyn. Besides meeting up with a nice Latin girl who I met the last time I was in New York and picking up an old bad habit of mine, smoking, that was almost the only thing I did there. I wrote on the bus to Washington where I met up and went out on U Street with some friends.

I wrote on the bus to Philadelphia where I visited the Rocky statue and did the famous “Rocky runs up the stairs” routine. Sylvester Stallone was my child hood hero back in the days when kids kept a scrapbook with newspaper clippings. He still is actually. Would love to meet him one day. His own personal story is highly motivating and inspirational. The fact that he made his acting breakthrough with his own Rocky screenplay and the way how (which is a very inspiring story) made it almost a spiritual journey for me and I’m not embarrassed to say that a tear rolled down my cheek just for being at that place. Unlike what most people seem to think I’m quite an emotional person.

From there I flew on to Los Angeles through St Louis.  The plane left too late from New York because of the weather and I was stuck in St Louis for another night in the airport. It was the second full night in an airport in ten days and I was pissed off about it. After a lot of verbal clashing with the employees of American Airlines (you suck AA) about getting a free hotel room for the night instead of paying 65 dollar, I used that build up anger for another re-writing frenzy and at the end of the night the fourth draft was done. At least I would arrive in Los Angeles with a finished screenplay. Or so I thought.

In Los Angeles I checked into the Banana Bungalow hostel at Hollywood Boulevard and took a few days off to party and to visit a couple of places around town. A few days turned into a full week. The free beer at the hostel wasn’t helping.  It was time to get back to action and I hired three online professional screenplay readers to go over my script. Draining my small budget of 320 dollar. In short, they really liked the concept but the writing was under par and I needed to change the beginning of the story. No need to say I had to write a final fifth draft.

I was not happy with this of course since I had already lost so much time but did it anyway. I put in the hours and the result was actually a lot better. In the meanwhile I had changed hostels and was known as the guy who lay in his bed all day typing on his laptop. It was time to try to sell the damn thing. This is where hard part starts. Or at least so I thought.

It turned out to be a lot easier to break into Hollywood as a totally unknown writer then predicted by all the books and screenwriting websites I had read over the past nine months. With over two hundred thousand screenwriters present in Los Angeles and no connections whatsoever, it seemed like a mission impossible.  The next part is probably going to piss off a lot of struggling screenwriters who email, call and pitch their asses off.

On the 1st of August I started emailing production companies and management agencies. After two days I got my first screenplay request from a well known A-list company from one of their big shot presidents herself. I jumped in the air of happiness. In the next days I got fourteen more requests and one reasonable offer.  On day twelve I received an email that made my day. The second serious offer. Three days of (brutal) negotiating later, I signed a very lucrative option contract for the screenplay, the book rights and my life story rights.

For those not familiar with options contracts, it means that the production company has the single right to buy my screenplay, book rights and life story rights for a limited amount of time. Once the production company finds the investors (it’s a high budget movie) and the movie is greenlit, the production starts. I will not share any details on the financial part of the contract but what I can say is that IF the movie is produced i’m in it too. 

This movie has the potential to become a truly iconic movie about backpacking and romance.

The announcement was made in Variety. Hollywood’s leading movie entertainment magazine.

No need to say that I’m very proud of myself. Just four years ago I was wasting my time in a dull office and since then I have traveled around the world for three years through 42 countries, grew incredibly as a person, picked up a lot of lovely ladies, had many good (and bad) adventures, published a well selling book and have an A-list company interested in making a movie about my life. Not bad for a guy with only a minor high school diploma. I tell you, I’m looking forward to the next five years.

Where am I right now? In the next few weeks I will do a short trip through California, Nevada and Colorado. I will visit Santa Barbara tomorrow, and then head out to San Francisco, Yosemite Park, Death Valley, Las Vegas and of course the majestic Grand Canyon before returning to Holland for a while.

Hey, wait a minute Skywalker. No girls in this post?

Well alright, I won’t go into the Holland part this time but despite spending 95% of my time in Los Angeles working on my screenplay mission, I managed to capture one new flag there: Lithuania.

Any more screenplays planned? – I have another idea loosely based on my time in Holland after I came back from my trip which I will explore once I’m back there.

Until next time….

Neil Skywalker

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Conquering the language barrier

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Around the world in 80 Girls – Tips and tricks – Conquering the language barrier.

One of the major problems a traveling player or regular traveler has abroad is conquering the language barrier. Although the best way would be learning the language of the country you’ll be in, this is nearly impossible for most people. In my case: first of all I don’t have the time to learn a language for every country I visit and second I don’t want to either. Learning and mastering a language is time consuming and difficult.

So, here’s my trick list to still have some fun with girls who only speak a few words of English or girls who even speak good English and who you want to surprise with some funny words. A lot of times some of the words were used as a nickname or a recurring joke. You can use these words in any language so translate them if necessary. It’s best to ask a local for translation so you get the right words.

The trick is to actually pronounce the words very well so that you’re not misunderstood. I asked some hot girls working in hotels or stores to translate the words for me into their language and that was already fun. Once they hear the words you want to translate you’re already doing pre-selection because those are the words a player would use. I had my friend Gustavo from Chile translate this list to Spanish and it worked fine. The word for shorty , in Spanish its : Enana which literally means dwarf girl is golden, I’m a tall guy, I’m 1.88 meter so most girls are way shorter than me. I never used it without getting a big laugh out of it and girls punching me in the arm (from there you can transition to other words, saying she’s aggressive or bossy, use your imagination). From my other friend Nico from Chile I learned the sentence Te quiero dar un beso, which means: I want to kiss you. This one is also golden. If the girl gives you some signs of attraction, she will kiss you 4 out of 5 times.  Booyaaa !!!

I’ll use my Indonesian list as an example because that’s where I came up with this technique. In Asia where the local guys are polite, this is dynamite. Go there and playfully insult your targets. Remember to say everything with a smile! I have added the Spanish translation too.

Remember that this is only a basic EXAMPLE list. The more you know of the actual language the more you will enjoy your trip and the more easy it is to get laid in that country because it doesn’t limit your chances with only English speaking girls.

Basic language knowledge for the traveling player

Words Indonesian Spanish
How are you? Apa kabar ? Cómo estas?
What is your name? Namamu siapa? Cómo te llama?
My name is ______ Nama saya ______ Me llamo _______
Thank you terima kasih gracias
No. tidak no
How much? (Price) ini berapa? cuánto cuesta?
Monkey moyet Mono / macaco
Liar bohong mentirosa (f)
Big besar grande
Small kecil pequeňo
Girl wanita chica
Beautiful girl wanita cantik chica bonita
Bad girl wanita jahat chica mala
Naughty nakal chica mala
Love cinta amor
Good bagus bueno
Sweet (girl) (wanita) manis dulce
Crazy (girl) (wanita) gila (chica) loca
Lazy (girl) (wanita) malas (chica) floja
Shy (girl) (wanita) malu (chica) timida
Joke bechanda broma
Tiger look kucing garong
I aku yo
You kamu
Drink minum trago
Shorty (short girl) pendek enana
Playboy gila wanita galán
Slut gila lalaki puta
Kiss cium beso
Dancing manari bailar
Big boss boss besar la jefa
I love you aku cinta padamu te amo (serious)
I like you aku suka kamu te quiero
Crazy Dutch belanda gila Holandés loco
Hug berpelukan abrazo
Kill bunu matar
Lips bibier labios
Ass pantat culo
Ugly jelek fea
Tickle geli cosquillas
Jealous cemburu celoso


Costs for World travel : My way

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The 3 major cost components:

1 – Accommodation

Accommodation is the number one cost of traveling, the more special or remote the city or place you’re staying is, the more you pay. The language barrier is also a problem finding a cheap place. Conning touts or taxi drivers will always take you to the place where they receive the most commission. The Lonely planet is a reasonable guidebook but as soon as those recommended guesthouses are in there, they start charging a lot more. Booking a hostel online is not bad either; most have pictures, prices and route descriptions on there. Costs will average between at least 3 to 15 dollar in poor countries and 15 tot 50 dollars in the more developed countries or special places.


–          When staying in place of minor importance (transport hub, or place where there will be no girl chasing) Swallow your pride and stay in the cheapest place possible. Nothing wrong with cold showers and squatter toilets, Man up !

–          Try couchsurfing, free places to stay and most people will show you around and treat you as their guest, never turn away from free food and drinks.

–          Stay in cheap dorms and guesthouses, also a place to pick up chicks. Banging in the dorm rooms is not uncommon but it doesn’t happen as much as people say, just hang some sheets around your bed and keep it quiet.

–          Find a girl who will accommodate you, spend money on her as long as it cheaper than getting your own place. Of course the girl herself is a bonus too.

–          Share a double room with somebody, possibly a girl so you can have some nightly action too. It’s a great way to get in her pants, Ask her if she wants to share a room for the costs, work your magic and end up using the other bed to put your bag on.  Yes, this works!!!

–          Bargain for a room, it’s possible with most guesthouses and hotels. No guts, no glory.

–          Build up a great network of Facebook friends, when in the neighborhood, they can accommodate you for free (and provide food and/or drinks) or find a cheap place to stay for you.

–          Book a place for the night and start walking and asking around for better and cheaper places, check out next day and relocate


2 – Food and drinks

Food and drinks is the second most expensive part of traveling, especially drinking alcohol can certainly ruin your budget. In a lot of countries going out means spending more on drinks than on food and accommodation all together. In some places food will be costly also because there is just no cheap grub around or you sick of eating the same cheap food over and over. For example: rice and noodles.


Solutions :

Food :

–          Eat lots of street food, you’re stomach will get used to it eventually; going to more expensive places is no guarantee for not spending a day or two on the toilet.  Stop washing your hands every 10 minutes, build up some tolerance.

–          Get breakfast included in your guesthouse, it will be a shit breakfast, but hey, it’s free right! Personally I can’t stand those toast with jam breakfasts and will eat out.

–          Cook yourself if you are in more expensive countries, again I almost never cook and will go to a fast food place or street market to get my belly filled. I’m lazy and don’t know how to except for pasta.

–          Never refuse when people you meet offer you food, its rude and bad for your wallet.

–          When dating girls is poor countries you will be the one paying for everything (exceptions apply), bite the bullet on this one, you can’t expect them to pay for their one food and drinks when they make 3 dollars a day. Its shows no respect if you ask them to split the bill, you will make a fool of yourself. Don’t go overboard with it either, when a girl eats rice 7 days a week and wants to go to a 5 star restaurant when with you, dump that gold-digger. She has to like you, not your bank account.

–          Find places with cheap food, Chinese restaurants are a good option. Buffets and places where you get free food are another option.

–          Take a girl out to Mac Donalds, just say you haven’t had a Big Mac in months and you’re craving for it. If the girl really likes you, she won’t mind. In some countries Mac Donalds is a high end place and girls love to eat there.

–          Go eat at a cheap local place and say to the girl you’re with that you love her country and their tasty food. Don’t mention you’re eating rice in every possible form for the last year. Look excited when reading the menu.

Drinks :

–          As said before, drinking can kill your budget faster than a speeding bullet. Best solution by far is to stop drinking alcohol. This is also the most boring and unsociable solution.

–          Drink water instead of coca cola during the day, its much cheaper, healthier and better for your teeth also. Stay away from fresh made juices also, they’re full of sugar and always pricy. And why drink coffee at a Starbucks when Mac Donalds sells it for a quarter or half the price.

–          When going out , drink in if you’re the heavy drinking type, if you want to pick up girls, drink moderate. Nobody likes a slurring ape-man. Stay fresh and focused.

–          Don’t buy drinks for other (girl)backpackers, In fact never buy drinks for girls before you kissed them. Don’t get fooled by girls trying to get free drinks. Turn it around.

–          Do not go to expensive clubs with hefty entrance fees and 10 dollar drinks. It’s no guarantee for anything. Clubs like that are frequently used by prostitutes or bitchy gold-digger’s who are not looking for broke backpackers. (This theory is not rock solid.  I recently spoke to a guy who went to such places in poor countries, invested in entrance fees and drinks and picked up a rich local girl/woman who paid everything for him and spoiled him all the time. I did the same in Indonesia only in a cheap bar. I lived in a great free 5 star hotel and free everything + Cup E boobs and mad sex 🙂 , actually now that I think about it, I didn’t even buy her a drink. )

–          Don’t drink out of boredom in trains, planes and busses. Find somebody to talk to and you might get some free drinks.

–          Find out when the happy hours are or even get drinks for free in some places.

–          And last but certainly not the least: Charm girls into buying you drinks.


3 – Transportation :

Transportation is the last major reason why your wallet is always empty, the rule is the slower you travel, the cheaper it gets. Unfortunately,we cannot teleport ourselves from one place to another so we have to take a bus, train or airplane to get there.  You can live as cheap as possible but if a ticket to some destination costs 50 dollar, then you just have to deal with it.

Solutions :

–          Hitchhiking is the cheapest way to get from A to B; I have no experience in it so far, so I suggest you read a book on it.

–          Local,local,local., Local transport is always the cheapest option and most of the time the most fun also.Taking a local bus with chickens,goats and smelly yelling baby’s on it is the fastest way to learn about the local culture. Ask locals where to find the bus station and how much they pay for a ticket if its not posted. Avoid travel agents. The downside is that it may take a lot of time and sometimes inconvenience.

–          Bargain hard anywhere and anytime.  Especially taxi and motorbike drivers are notorious for ripping you off. Walk off by the first sign of overpricing and most of the time the prices suddenly drop 50% or more.

–          Walk around; you can easily do 4 or 5 kilometers an hour, a great chance to meet people on the streets and who knows how one thing can lead to another. You will not meet girls sitting in a taxicab.

–          A bus is almost always cheaper than a train and a train is almost always cheaper than an airplane. Travel slow and save money. Read the stories and see how I met some girls on busses and trains.

–          Plan ahead. Book airplanes online and as far ahead as possible, this is a great money saver. Use budget airlines and look for the hidden costs. Strange advice from a guy who always travels by the day or few days. I spend way too much money on this.

Does this all mean you can never stay in a fancy room, eat a descent and tasty meal, smash 50 Dollar on drinks? The answer is no, you are traveling to enjoy and have a good time, just keep in mind the more you spend the shorter your trip will be and the sooner you will be back at a boring job.


Neil Skywalker

© Around the world in 80 girls

Around the world in 80 girls - The epic 3 year trip of a backpacking Casanova

Around the world in 80 girls – The epic 3 year trip of a backpacking Casanova

What to bring on a round the world trip.

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Backpack :

–          A good solid backpack, I bought a military backpack (Berghaus Vulcan 2) of a guy working in a military airbase. It was brand new but yet I only paid 100 euro for it instead of the retail price of 270 Euro. I wonder why ,haha

–          2 small locks for your backpack, you can also use them for locking a hostel locker

–          A couple of karabiners, multipurpose but mostly looking good on your bag.

–          A hidden pocket, to wear under your clothes, not a moneybelt, those things is for chumps and is only good for a pair of sweaty balls. An experienced pick pocket can still take it from you

–          First aid kit, some bandages, tape and other stuff, just buy a cheap set. You’ll hardly use it. Buy some valium in cheap country without prescription. And whatever (vitamins)

–          Cable with lock, So you can lock your backpack to a (bunk)bed or something. There’s hardly only control on who walks in and out hostels and your room. It would be easy just to grab a bag and walk out of there.

–          Some plastic bags, to put your flip flops, shoes, laundry, clothes and stuff in, bring some solid ones

–          Sheet bag, for times your sleeping in disgusting places, dirty beds or when the guesthouse or hostel doesn’t supply sheets which happens a lot in poorer countries.

Clothing :

–          Jeans, for going out or colder countries. Buy a normal one, not one all cut up with holes. It might be normal back home but that does not where you’re gonna be.

–          Shorts, buy some cool fashionable shorts with some big side pockets, big enough to put a bottle of a book in.

–          Swim shorts, not shorter than knee length, no speedos or other gay looking stuff, Not that there anything wrong with gays but we’re aiming for girls on this site.

–          Several pairs of underwear, you can buy cheap knock offs in a lot of countries, buy tight  cool boxers not Sponge Bob or other funny looking undies.

–          5 or 6 T-shirts, Don’t not buy the same shirts everyone is wearing, like Vang Vieng tubing, or same same but different shirts. I’m sick of those shirts and so are girls. I bought some T-shirts with tough looking Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson cowboy prints and surfer brand shirts.  Got nothing but compliments on it.

–          A pair of sneakers, Nikes , Adidas ,Puma , not with too much flashy colors, you’re not in high school anymore. Great for hiking the city or outdoors. My personal favorites : Nike Air max classic

–          2 pairs of Flip Flops, one pair for outside and one pair for in the shower.

–          A pair of black dancing shoes, to get into the clubs and not look like a backpacker bum.

–          A jacket, for colder or rainy days, don’t bring rain clothing, you look dumb and that’s why they invented umbrellas

–          A shirt, for in the clubs, buy a nice one , but nothing to flashy. No funny or crazy prints.

–          A beanie, for colder days or for looking cool.

–          A hat, same like the beanie

–          2 fluffy towels, don’t buy those blue easy dry towels, they starting stinking after a while and aren’t comfortable at all.

Toiletries :

–          A toiletries bag, one you can hang on a hook or door, many showers have no hooks or anything.

–          Toothbrush, shampoo, soap + soapbox, night cream,

–          A razor, not a shaving machine, man up dude !!

–          A comb, scissors

–          Creams and whatever stuff you need to keep you looking young, World traveling is tough.

–          A shitload of condoms, Don’t be a stupid idiot !  in fact you should have condoms in every jeans, shorts and bag you have. In Asia and other parts of the world  girls have been around the block, no matter what they tell you. Never leave your room without a few rubbers.

Technologies :

–          A laptop, I can’t travel without one being a blogger and internet junkie. I have mixed feelings about it. Since I bought the laptop, I did a lot less sightseeing and socializing. But it’s damn handy to have one.

–          A laptop lock cable, just lock it to your bed or something solid, so you can leave the room shortly or protect it from stealing when your passed out in your bed.

–          A phone, for texting and calling all the chicks you’re gonna meet. I have a Samsung B3410wifi with qwerty keyboard. The keyboard is priceless. In countries like Indonesia and especially the Philippines you will get 50 to a 100 texts a day if you’re a player.

–          A camera with video function, For all the beautiful pictures your gonna take worldwide and naughty videos with girls. I have a Sony Cybershot. Don’t be shy to send me your action shots

–          A good pair of headphones, you will do countless hours of trains and busses, you need some quality headphones

–          A world electricity converter plug.

Other Stuff

–          A Lonely planet book, Choose one for the country you are going.

–          A Lonely planet phrasebook, Choose one for the country you are going.

–          A cigarette lighter, Just anyone will do as long it looks normal, don’t use a zippo, those things are for sailors and posers.

–          A passport, of course, a passport. Possibly a big one with extra pages, My bussines passport has 64 pages.

–          Money, preferably dollars or Euros, don’t bring travel cheques. Those things are worthless in a lot of countries, I never used them.

–          ATM card, be sure you can use it overseas and check the costs of use abroad.

–          A notebook and some pens.

–          Some bracelet and necklaces, lots of cheap cool looking local stuff to buy anywhere you go.

–          A deck of cards, for drinking games only do drinking games with girls around. Otherwise you getting drunk for no reason.

–          A spork, a spoon, vork and sometimes knife all in one

–          A lot of passport photos, you’ll need them at border crossings and embassies a lot.

–          A bit of duct tape, multipurpose

–          The book” point it “. If you can find this little book, it’s a great help sometimes.

–          Tissues, for toilet emergencies, yes you will have them too, best is to always carry a small pack anywhere you go.

–          Emergency whistle, you never know where you end up !

–          Sunblock and anti mosquito stuff

–          Earplugs, for dorm rooms


Stuff I paid a lot for , never used and chucked it out.

–          A Flightbag, hammock, Walking shoes for mountains, walking sandals, drinking flask ( the ones you see in the movies ), travel alarm, mosquito net, T-3 oil, camera holder, a eating bowl, clothing line ( actually you can you floss for that) Multitool. Travel pillow, Survival book, emergency blanket (!?) Maglite Flashlite, knife ( actually got stolen ), calculator, t-wraps, pepper and salt shaker washing powder,can opener, electric razor and books and paperwork.

So there you have it, that’s all you need. But the most important one is free, a big smile on your face !

Neil Skywalker
© Around the world in 80 girls